Hi my name is Chuck Crosby and I’m the Student Ministries Pastor for The Vision Church in Valdosta, Georgia. I wanted to invite you to our youth services on Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. We would love for you to get involved with all the exciting things that The Lord is doing in our ministry. The Awakening youth group wants to give young people the opportunity to make new friends, discover new talents, and find new hope in Jesus Christ. Please accept this invitation and bring a friend.


As we share God’s truth, we inspire minds, which changes hearts, to shapes our lives.


Thanks and God Bless,
Pastor Chuck Crosby

Chuck Crosby

Student Ministries Pastor


Here at the Vision Church we believe that Jesus is Lord and His Word is the final authority for our lives. So our mission for the Awakening Youth Group is to equip them with God's Word and empower them with his Holy Spirit. 2 Timothy Chapter 1 Verse 7 says, "we have not been given a spirit of fear but one of wisdom, power, and sound mind." It is our hope that The Lord would ignite every young person's passion for Christ and find purpose for life. We are reminded in the same passage to fan into flames the spiritual gifts God has given us. With support from family and friends we can accomplish these goals and by seeking the Lord's face in prayer, worshiping him in Spirit and in Truth, and encourage others who share his heart, We can find hope for the living and salvation in a lost world.


Life is nothing more than a series of trials and victories proven by those who have faced their fears and with unshakable faith refused to be broken by the challenge. So we find ourselves in a place not so unfamiliar, in circumstances not so strange, but with new character and a new heart that sets our sights on things ahead and not the things behind. It's only then, can we rise on wings like eagles and see past where we are, and see the vision of God's purpose for our lives.


This is your Awakening...



Our youth ministry is designed to help you meet new friends, discover new talents, and find new hope in Christ. Here are some of the opportunities that we have available for you to get involved in. For more information see Pastor Chuck.


Greeters : This is a great way to meet new friends as you welcome others to our group. 
Description : Those who take up the responsibility as a greeter will be expected to show themselves friendly and also make those who are visiting feel welcome by introducing themselves and introducing them to others in our Q and A session. (icebreaker)


Media : Media works is a good opportunity for those who have an interest in computers, sound and entertainment to share their talents with others.
Description : This area of ministry will challenge your creativity and commitment to help with the presentation of music, movies or slide shows (worship lyrics and/or scriptures)


Worship : Here we have a great opportunity for everyone to share their talents and the gifts that God has given them to use for His Glory. 
Description : We have need for singers and musicians that want to use their talents to worship our Lord Jesus Christ in a way that will draw us in, not only to praise Him, but to experience His presence. Please pray so that you can know that this is not only where the Lord wants you to be, but also where the Lord wants you to grow and serve.



Ice Cream Social – Saturday June 2nd 

Everyone loves ice cream! So, we thought that we could make a it a big deal. Join us as we get together for ice cream with an endless display of toppings. This evening will be accompanied with music and a guest speaker who will bring a smile to your face. The fun starts at 6pm in the FLC. 


Hanna Park – Saturday August 4th 

With more fun than we can fit in one day, join us as we take a trip down to Hanna Park Located in Jacksonville, Florida. This will be a one day only event which will be an awesome time of fellowship with God and with one another. It’s my hope that you would support your children by allowing them to go and we would like to extend the invitation for the whole family to attend this event as well. We look forward to all the fun and hope you can join us on this exciting get away. We will meet at the church at 8:00a.m. Saturday morning and will leave promptly at 8:30. We will stop for equipment and breakfast, arrival time should be around 10am, and will return home the same day Around 6:30pm. 


Table for Ten – Saturday October 6th

On Saturday, October 6th at 6pm, the Student ministry will be hosting their second “Table For Ten” fundraiser.  It’s here that everyone will have the opportunity to see and hear what is taking place in the lives of our young people. Here’s how it will work, 10 or more members in the church, or in the families of the students will each sponsor and decorate one of ten tables and prepare a dinner for that table.  10 tables, each with its own unique menu, prepared for 10 people per table, at a cost of, $10‘s a plate. The price includes salads, dinner, and desert. Students will serve designated tables and entertainment will be provided. We are excited about this event for it has proven to be an effective way to bring our church family together for fellowship, fundraising, and powerful testimony. Please pray how you might contribute to the efforts of this event. Thank you in advance and God bless you all. 


The Christmas Program 

This year’s Christmas program is sure to be unlike the programs of the past. The traditional performance of plays will be transformed into a true representation of what our young people have learned and how they have grown in their relationship with the Lord and with one another. This of course is an event that we will not give away, but through the course of this year pray the Lord has His way. 

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