At The Vision, being part of the church involves more than membership. It involves commitment. Membership in the church requires a sincere commitment to the ideals of the church, not just the completion of a membership application. The prospective member is required to meet with the pastor and demonstrate a belief in the principles of the Christian faith and the specific beliefs of the church.

Th Vision Membership Covenant
The Vision Membership Covenant

Persons who wish to commit to become a member of the church must, first of all, believe in salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ and that we may come to the Father only through Him. Second, the prospective member must be committed to the church and to other members through a pledge that includes:


Protecting the unity and harmony of the church by acting in love toward other members, by refusing to gossip, and by following the leaders of the church.


Sharing in the responsibility of the church by praying for its growth and for the leadership of the church, by inviting the unchurched to attend, and by warmly welcoming visitors into the church.


Serving the ministry of the church by discovering God-given gifts and talents, by being equipped by the pastors to serve, and by developing a servant's heart.


Supporting the testimony of the church by attending faithfully, by living a Godly life, and by giving regularly.